Your accountant can be your best business resource

Business owners make decisions on a daily basis about the strategic direction of their business. When it comes to financial decisions, your accountant should be helping you understand the financial impact of your decisions.

Why talk to your accountant?

Your accountant can help you make decisions while you are expanding, taking on new employees, implementing new technologies or entering new markets. At BJT Business Advisors, we’ve often spoken to clients previously about the same issues you’re facing, which puts us in the unique position to be able to help you through challenging times. We rarely come across a situation we haven’t worked through before for a business. This experience in solving (sometimes tricky!) problems is invaluable and all part of the service we offer our clients.

We work with small businesses, corporates, self funded retirees and family groups. Our aim is to help nurture your financial well being through good decision making.

Some of the things we’ve helped clients with include:

– starting out on their business journey

– buying a business premises

– buying new delivery vehicles

– creating new staff and job roles to support expansion

– facing cash flow difficulties, and wanting to know how to get through

– wondering whether they are eligible for government funding to get them through COVID-19

– needing to engage an accountant, book keeper or for corporate affairs support

Remember that your business accountants have probably seen it all!

Feel uncomfortable or worried about having a conversation with your business accountants? Call the team at BJT Business Advisors for a confidential chat. We can help you choose the right path forward.